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A New Book by
Noah B. Taylor

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Existential Risks in Peace and Conflict Studies

Noah B. Taylor

This book explores the topic of peace and the long-term survival of the human species. Drawing on Existential Risk Studies (ERS), the book lays out a theoretical framework for drawing new perspectives and approaches for looking toward the future and addressing existential risks related to the complexity and dynamics of conflict. Looking at five research lines in Peace and Conflict Studies (PCS); (1) Great Powers Conflict, (2) Peace, Pandemic, and Conflict, (3) Climate, Peace, and Conflict, (4) Emerging Technologies, Peace, and Conflict and (5) Totalitarianism, the chapters discuss how these lines are defined and discussed, how they are understood in ERS, and what approaches would be beneficial to adapt and integrate into PCS. By drawing on ERS and grounding the discussion in lines of research that will be important to the field of PCS, this book suggests that long-term perspectives are needed in the field, especially regarding existential risk and their implications of conflict. 

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Noah B. Taylor

Noah Taylor works on the intersection between peace and long-term human survival. He is an author, researcher, and peace practitioner. His research focuses on the complex problems that humanity is likely to face in the near future. He is working on ways of understanding the complex relationships between pandemics, conflict, peace, climate change, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology. 

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