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Some Reflections on Elicitive Approaches to Peace Studies in Higher Education

In this article co-written with Dr. Shawn Bryant we provide an overview of how elicitive approaches to Peace and Conflict Studies are being used in higher education. 


Elicitive Curricular Develop

Elicitive Curricular Development: A Manual for Scholar-Practitioners Developing Courses in International Peace and Conflict Studies (ECDM) co-authored with Josefina Echavarría Alvarez and Adham Hamed. This book outlines the central principles of the University of Innsbruck’s Approach to curricular development for Peace and Conflict Studies. 

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Transpersonal Consciousness in Elicitive Teaching

In this article, I explore the role of transpersonal consciousness in Peace Education. Following the framework of transrational peace philosophy, I discuss the dynamics between the spiritual and policitary layers and their relevance in preparing for elicitive teaching, curriculum design, and developing pedagogical approaches. I use my personal experiences in elicitive peace education to elucidate opportunities for the practical application of transpersonal consciousness in the classroom.

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