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Courses Taught: CV


  • Self-Reflection in Conflict Transformation: Linking Experience to Theory 

  • Key Actors, Power and Influence in Shaping Conflict Transformation

  • State of the Art of Conflict Transformation: Where we fit

  • Developing a Research Proposal

  • Doctoral Research Skills

  • Doctoral Portfolio Development

  • Creativity in Conflict Transformation and Research

  • Perspectives and Paradigms in Research Methodology

  • Research Methodology Selection

  • Cross Reading

  • Processing Feedback

  • Post Conflict Peacebuilding and Culture of Peace

  • Building Cultures of Peace


  • Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies

  • Introduction to Conflict Transformation

  • Systems Thinking and Conflict Transformation: An Introduction 

  • Centre-Periphery Model of Conflict

  • Key Concepts in Conflict Transformation: On Conflict, Violence, Peace, and Power

  • Peace Leadership

  • The Moral Imagination: Introduction 

  • Identity Considerations for Elicitive Conflict Transformation 

  • Role of Theory in Conflict Transformation

  • Self-Reflection and Awareness in Conflict Transformation

  • Conflict Analysis in Conflict Transformation

  • The Role of the Self in Conflict Transformation: Power, Path, Voice and Vision

  • Conflict Analysis Tools

  • Hybrid Approach in Conflict Transformation

  • Agents of Transformation

  • Skills for Conflict Transformation: Critique, Feedback and Reframing

  • Peace as Process: Definitions and Context

  • Peace as Process: Components

  • Everyday Negotiation, Mediation and Dialogue: Theoretical Foundations

  • Skills for Negotiation, Mediation and Dialogue

  • The Role of Trust in Peace Process

  • Mediation: Process and Practice

  • Negotiation in Conflict Transformation: Process and Practice

  • Dialogue and Facilitation in Conflict Transformation

  • "Reflexitivty" in Peace Process: Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness

  • Peace Process Role Play

  • Analyzing "Post-Conflict"

  • Collective Memory in Peacebuilding

  • Introduction to Peace Process: Multi-Track Diplomacy and Third-party Intervention. 

  • Do No Harm and Reflecting on Peace Practice

  • Infrastructure for Peace (I4P)

  • Integrated Framework for Peace Building 

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